Civic Club membership

Residents of Bammel Forest, Bammel Timbers, and Pecan Forest are billed a nominal fee each month to cover the costs of the services listed below.

Each household is expected to uphold an equal share of this expense to keep the individual cost for each residence to a minimum so that the best and most efficient services possible can be provided. The services associated with membership in the Bammel Forest Civic Club includes but is not limited to:

  • Bi-weekly trash pickup service, except where noted
  • Harris County Constable’s patrol
  • Bammel Forest website (
  • Seasonal mosquito spraying
  • Street lighting
  • Landscaping maintenance at all entrances
  • Deed restriction enforcement to help maintain and promote property values
  • Maintenance and distribution of the subdivision’s deed restrictions
  • Participation in community meetings and events
  • Eligibility to vote at annual meeting