Welcome to the Bammel Forest subdivision!

We are located near FM1960 and Kuykendahl in Houston, Texas.


History of the Bammel Forest subdivision

The Bammel Community was named for Charles Bammel, who in 1915, moved from Houston to the country because of poor health. He built a store at the crossroads of what is now Kuykendahl and FM 1960. The store was called General Mercantile and stocked with everything from soda water and ice cream to coffins. When mail delivery by buggy to the store began from Westfield Depot four miles to the East, Charles Bammel became postmaster and mail was distributed to the community on horseback. The original store burned down in 1920 but was rebuilt and served residents until the late 1950’s.

The land known as Bammel Forest was originally a cotton and sugar cane plantation. About 1900, R. W. Hauck, a retired judge, bought a section of land, known today as the Bammel Community. Mr. Hauck planted a pecan orchard. He hand picked the pecan trees that were to be planted, had them shipped by horse and buggy (origin of the trees is unknown) and hand planted each tree. Herbert Bammel, brother of Charles, was responsible for grafting every tree in the orchard. There were more than 1800 pecan trees here at one time! Mr. Hauck built a grand home with 12 rooms, huge balconies and fireplaces in the center of the land which is know as Pecan Forest today. The orchard continued to be highly profitable during the depression with barns, each 100 feet by 40 feet, several pecan drying sheds and was a sight to behold with families migrating here just to work during the picking season. After picking, grading, weighing, polishing and drying, the pecans were packed into 100 pound sacks and shipped by truck to a Chicago candy company. In peak years and orchard would show a profit of some $40,000.00 dollars.

In the late 1930’s, the Haucks passed away and their property was sold to John Jones, a successful insurance man. Mr. Jones settled his family in the large home built by Mr. Hauck. They had three children, Clifford, Michael and Dale, a daughter. Mr. Jones began developing the land that is now call Bammel Forest. Pecan Forest at that time was called Micliff Farms. One night in 1957, the family was in Tyler for a high school football game and when they returned they found their home burned to the ground. Heartbroken, the family moved to Houston. The street names in Pecan Forest are named for the children. Micliff (Michael & Clifford) and Creekdale (Dale). The land was then developed and Mr. Jones built several of the homes in our community.